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Realities of being a manager

Becoming a manager is considered a career-defining milestone by many, but when they reach that milestone the reality is not rosy. Managers find themselves with hardly any tools or support to help them with what is to come.

Today's manager is measured on employee engagement as well as employee output. Managers need to be able to coach, counsel, and inspire their employees. There is an expectation that managers will be an integral part of an employee's professional journey, by providing constant feedback, caring about their professional development, and coaching them to achieve their full potential.

While spending on recruiting, HR tools, employee satisfaction surveys, and perks are at an all-time high, the resources available to a manager to do the most important aspect of their job, people management, is woefully inadequate. The most commonly used tools by managers for their people management responsibilities are online documentation apps or good old fashioned notebook and pen.

It's time for that to change.

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